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Quality Service = Outstanding Results

There’s no better way to tell you about what we do and how we do it than by letting our clients tell you themselves. If you’re happy, we’re happy, and we love getting feedback in order to improve our service. Have a look at some of our testimonials below, and contact us to submit your own.

Martin Davis
Home & Country Flooring LTD.

We are pleased to give Johann Nickel o/a Fraser Valley JN Tile & Millwright who has provided extensive tiling services to our customers since May 2018 this reference. He has done a variety of jobs for our customers such as complete bathroom and kitchen redos incl. backsplashes, surrounding fireplace tiling and new home tiling installations.

Johann provides high quality work and takes great pride in each job he takes on from beginning to end. In addition to the excellent quality of workmanship, our customers especially appreciate his attention to detail, and the thorough explanation of what the job entails as well as his professionalism. The work place is always left clean and orderly when he finishes. He communicates clearly and his completion and
cost estimates are accurate - an area of competence that is difficult to find. He is listed on our preferred
list of subcontractors.

We are very pleased with his high quality work, and we are confident that he will continue to servicing our customers.

Double Creek Farms Ltd.

We would like to highlight and thank Johann for his excellent service! In this day and age, it is such a pleasure to do business with someone who has pride in his work and who only excepts the best results possible for the customer! More importantly besides Johann’s exceptional skillset, for us, and what we and our customers appreciated the most is the PERSONABLE SERVICE that Johann offers:

  1. He always call and gives a time frame for his arrival on the job - AND HE STICKS TO IT! ... There is no waiting for hours not knowing whether he'd show up in this lifetime or the next!

  2. He treats our customers with utmost respect and always explains to them ahead of time what can be done (offering options, etc.). None of that "Look-lil-lady-I-know-better-than you" stuff (... Even if, indeed, he does know better than the customer...)! He never assumes that he knows what is wanted, and that is rare

  3. His work is always done right the first time – he never cuts comers and that shows in the final product delivered. His skillset is quite impressive.

  4. He is always polite and unobtrusive, and always answers questions with patience.

  5. Every job site he has worked on was left clean, swept and all refuse neatly put in heavy trash bags. Nothing is left behind, unlike some of our other contractors do.

  6. Invoicing is clear and detailed. No extra charges for services not previously discussed and approved.

Therefore, it is with pleasure that we write this letter of reference for Mr. Johann Nickel, o/a Fraser Valley JN Tile & Millwright and we look forward to a long lasting and mutual prosperous relationship.

Darryl Michayluk
National Installation LTD.

We have been subcontracting Johann Nickel o/a Fraser Valler JN Tile & Millwright since April 2017. Since then Johann has performed a wide variety of tiling jobs for our customers; ranging from very small and simple jobs such as tile setting entry ways or kitchen floors to very large jobs such as tear out old tile, install ditra, prep floor and walls for new tiles, full bathroom makeovers, tub surrounds and backsplashes to name a few.

Johann always does first-rate tiling work, no matter the size of the job. He is professional, courteous, punctual, responsible, and extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. We and our customers have always been extremely satisfied with the work that he has done for us as well as the very professional and courteous manner in which he does his work.

Based on my personal extensive experience working with Johann, I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tile setter. He is absolutely one of the best tile setters we have ever used and he is the preferred subcontractor for us in his field.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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